mWing: stamina and dynamism

Running shoes, functional clothing, training equipment, or fitness trackers – anyone wanting to do sport in Italy cannot avoid a visit to Cisalfa Sport. The trading company not only maintains one of the largest online shops for sport and lifestyle, but has more than 140 branches throughout the country. The entrance area of the company’s headquarters in Bergamo was fundamentally redesigned in the spring of 2020. The uncluttered architecture, the backlit brand logo, and the large pictures show that one is dealing with an important player in a dynamic market.

Whereby the access control system also plays a major role: with their slender silhouettes and flowing lines, the two mWing turnstiles from Magnetic blend seamlessly into the clear architecture of the entrance area. At the same time, they impress with their high dynamism, permitting passage in less than one second. Ultimately, however, it was their stamina that swung Cisalfa Sport’s decision to buy them: like all FlowMotion® pedestrian gates, mWing turnstiles are designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles and thus ensure a long service life.

The two mWing turnstiles can be used in both directions so that employees can reach or leave their workplaces rapidly, even during peak periods. Access authorisation is checked by reading devices from the Italian company Zucchetti, with which Cisalfa Sport has closely collaborated for many years. The link between the digital and physical systems was set up rapidly thanks to the mWing’s versatile control unit – another example of its dynamism.


  • Customer: Cisalfa Sport SpA, Bergamo
  • Installed products: 2 mWing turnstiles with swing doors and wide passageways (passage width: 900 mm)
  • Commissioned: March 2020