Pedestrian passageway with wing gates

  • High visitor throughput thanks to rapid opening times and preset travel function
  • Open-gate mode for extra throughput acceleration
  • For maximum security requirements in monitored and unmonitored areas
  • Freely turning on power outages
  • Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles

Elegance for demanding surroundings
An open housing, short opening times, and free-flowing non-contact passage – no access solution is more secure and elegant than mWing. Our rapid pedestrian passageway is thus the first choice for high-quality architectures and companies, cultural institutions and public facilities. The elegant design, the warm comfortable material, and intuitive operation change obligatory access control into a comfortable minor matter that one disposes of in passing. mWing thus improves user acceptance and makes a considerable contribution towards increasing security levels.

mWing can be precisely adapted to in situ requirements thanks to its versatile parameterisation, options and accessories: multiple applications are easily set up to cope with high visitor numbers, and a wide-lane variant is available for groups of visitors, the transport of material, and wheelchair users. The appropriate security level can be achieved via the height of the barrier elements. As a result, mWing is equally suitable for monitored and non-monitored zones

Escape route approval

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Dimensional drawings
mWing view from side and front
mWing view from above and mounting space for reader devices (without optional passage indicator, mounting depth 40 mm)
Line configuration of mWing with passage in standard width and with wide passageway

High individualisation security

The high barrier elements prevent climbing over and thus effectively separate different zones from one another. The desired level of security can be individually adapted via the different heights of the glass elements.

Non-contact passage

Photoelectric sensors in the passageway reliably detect persons and objects. They enable non-contact passage and raise the alarm on unauthorised use of the gate.

Comprehensive functions

Discreet illumination, interlocking to prevent unauthorised entry, drop-arm for maximum safety – the mTripod has numerous unique functions. Features such as error logging and a random generator are already part of the basic functionality.

Technical data mWing
Application Indoor and outdoor
Passage width Standard: 600 mm
Wide Lane: 900 mm
(more on request)
Total width for 1 line 960 mm (with 600 mm passage width)
1260 mm (with 900 mm passage width)
Height of barrier
Standard: 889 mm
High: 1800 mm
(more on request)
Opening/closing time 0.6 –1 s, depending on barrier element dimensions
Drive technology MHTM™
Control system MGC
Voltage 100–240 VAC,
50/60 Hz
Power consumption Maximal 45 W
Duty cycle 100 %
Housing material mDure
Housing dimensions
(L x W x B)
1300 x 1050 x 180 mm
Enclosure rating IP 54
Weight About 120 kg per module
Temperature range −30 to +55 °C
Special colours More than 20 colour tones available according
to pricelist
Barrier elements Glass wing made of single-layer safety glass
(ESG) or acrylic glass, customer-specific barrier
Wide passageway Wide-lane configuration, 900 mm width
Passage direction indicator yes
Floor illumination yes
Frame-edge illumination yes
Warning on forced entry yes
Interlock against forced
Ethernet connection yes
Emergency button For triggering the alarm contacts and unlocking the barrier elements
Base frame For integration in new buildings, height adjustable between 10 and 15 cm
Escape routes and wide passageways mSwing swing door for escape routes and wide passageways
Separation of access areas mGuide railing system for the separation of controlled and uncontrolled areas
Adhesive plate For adhesive mounting on finished floors