mWing pedestrian gates, the magnificence of access technology for the new office facilities owned by the Giovannini Group

It is common for a strong bond to be created between leading companies in very different sectors based on mutual trust and the common vision of what is meant by reliability, quality and excellence. This is the case of the long-standing relationship that unites the Giovannini Group, an Italian company with 80 years of experience in the distribution of electrical equipment, which is still run today by the Giovannini family that founded it, and the FAAC Group.

Both companies are accustomed to dealing with large numbers: in 2019, the consolidated turnover of the Giovannini Group was approximately 170 million Euros; it has 450 collaborators and 28 sales outlets in northern Italy and its own logistics hub in Lavis, in the province of Trento.

The collaboration between FAAC and the Veneto-based company has continued for over 30 years. They recently teamed up again with a view to using the new Magnetic mWing motorized pedestrian gates in the new office facilities owned by the Giovannini Group in Verona. This is a real estate initiative that one of the Group’s businesses (GB Immobiliare Trento srl) has carried out for an important multinational company, which then moved its headquarters to the new facility.

The Giovannini Group was looking for an aesthetically and technologically innovative product that would be appropriate for the architectural style of the new building. The Giovanni Group knew that FAAC was the right partner to turn to for this project as well, due to the renowned quality of the range of professional products

The mWing motorized pedestrian gates lived up to the expectations of the Veneto-based Group, even if when the choice was made, a delivery date couldn’t be guaranteed because it was a completely new product that had just been released onto the market. Its trust in FAAC, in addition to the reliability shown over the years and the unquestionable beauty and technological quality of the FAAC access, was enough to make the Giovannini Group decide on the mWing solution. In June 2020, seven units were installed that contributed to bringing the restyling of the building in Verona to the highest level.

They were integrated with the FAAC Keydom access control system that has proved to be extremely practical and reliable. In this particular case, when the system was being set up, the application had to be interfaced with the end user's presence detection system. Mission accomplished. Now, by using the Keydom system, the daily access of dozens of external visitors who visit the headquarters can be controlled and monitored, as well as guaranteeing the normal flow of the company's 150 employees.


> Installed products: 7 mWing turnstiles

> Installation date: June 2020