Vehicle gateway for screening persons

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  • Dependable identification of persons and vehicles without personnel
  • Automatic height adjustment and approach of terminals to vehicles
  • Comfortable and intuitive use by passengers
  • Maximum safety for occupants and vehicle due to optical sensors
  • Simple software integration in higher-ranking systems

For checking persons and vehicles
Highly reliable identification and low personnel costs – this was the guiding principle during the development of TerraPass®. Our new TerraPass® screening gateway automatically screens persons and vehicles without people having to leave the vehicle. It is therefore ideal for use at frontiers and at entrances to security-relevant areas such as airports, power stations, company grounds or military bases. The screening process is straightforward for users: the vehicle enters the gateway and the back barrier closes behind them. Then the terminals approach the vehicle windows with pinpoint accuracy. Depending on the configuration, the driver and up to four passengers in the vehicle can be simultaneously screened. Identification of the passengers takes place via the appropriate screening terminals. Identification can take place via biometric features, identification documents, code cards or intercom, depending on the group of persons involved and the security requirements. The data are compared with the appropriate database. After successful identification and with appropriate access rights the terminals move away from the vehicle, the front barrier opens and the vehicle can enter the secured area.

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Identification via biometry

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TerraPass offers dependable identification via biometric features. Fingerprints, facial geometry or the structure of the iris and retina can be detected using appropriate modules and compared with existing personal data.

Identification via documentation and code cards

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Identification is also possible via identity documents and code cards. Data can be read out from ID cards and passports as well as from barcodes, magnetic strips and RFID chips with the appropriate modules and checked using database queries.

Identification via communication

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In some cases communication via an intercom is quite sufficient for identifying users. The appropriate module for this, too, can be integrated in TerraPass.

High-security screening The biometric process achieves a greater security level than a personal screening
of people.
Vehicle safety The sensor-supported control of the terminals effectively prevents any possible
collision with the vehicle.
User safety The sensoric detection of the surroundings provide optimum protection for
persons in all situations.
Plant safety Installation from the roof minimises damage to TerraPass terminals from water,
dust, dirt and accidental collisions with vehicles.
High level of user-friendliness The terminals with the modules stop about 10 cm in front of the occupants’
windows. Manual height re-adjustment is also possible.
Simple integration in existing security infrastructures TerraPass software is easily integrated in higher-ranking systems using the
driver. A graphic user interface simplifies operation, maintenance
and monitoring.
Low personnel costs Generally only one person is required to monitor one or more TerraPass plants.
Tried-and-tested technology The proven drive and control system technologies have been used in Magnetic
MircoDrive barriers for many years.