Pedestrian passageway with wing gates

  • High people throughput speeds up access processes considerably
  • Seamless integration into all building and security infrastructures
  • Easy maintenance and retrofitting
  • Configuration according to individual requirements
  • Maximum passenger safety due to Magnetic Safety Drive System MSDS® with low-energy drive

The versatile solution for your access application
Time recording in companies, ticket control in museums, access control to staff areas and lounges in train stations and airports. Every access application has its specific requirements – and mFlow offers versatile solutions for each. This is due to the modular design:mFlow is based on the Momentum® platform, which allows readers, biometric scanners and additional displays to be seamlessly integrated into the pedestrian gates. With barrier elements of different heights or widths, barrier-free or particularly secure passageways are enabled. mFlow also gives you the choice of design: The timeless shape with the glass elements opens up the view into the building, and with lighting elements on the floor and on the frame edges you can highlight the passage as a central element. With numerous special colours, you can adapt mFlow individually to the architecture of your building.

Common to all mFlow is the intuitive, comprehensively monitored passage process, the simple replacement of the central components and the drive and control technology from Magnetic that has been tried and tested more than 200,000 times. Rely on mFlow and get flow into your application!

Product pictures

Numerous applications

Companies, cultural institutions, train stations and airports: mFlow offers a fast and reliable access control solution for all these applications – flexibly adapted to your individual requirements.

Comprehensive customisation

mFlow has a modular design and can be flexibly adapted to the requirements on site – in terms of design and biometrics as well as integration into the building and its digital infrastructure.

Simple integration

mFlow provides the hardware for your digital security architecture. The pe- destrian gates can be equipped with all common reading devices and can be easily integrated into existing security and data processing systems through a variety of interfaces.

Innovative drive technology

The drive and control units are Magnetic’s core technology. With its low-energy approach, the Magnetic Safety Drive System MSDS® combines high efficiency and economical operation with maximum personal safety.