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The demands that travellers place on airports are as varied as the passengers themselves: Business travellers want to reach their plane as quickly as possible, holidaymakers like to stroll in the duty-free area, and parents prefer to show their children the vehicles and aircraft on the tarmac. What they have in common is one thing: They don't want to spend a long time standing in queues.

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Access control systems for the entire passenger journey

Magnetic Momentum airport passengers
Pre-security  check
Automated  border control
border control
Lounge access
Lounge access
Magnetic aircraft

Magnetic provides you with access control systems that turn airport users into satisfied travellers – and at the same time speed up passenger processes, systematically increase the level of security and relieve staff of routine tasks.

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  • Pre-security
Magnetic Momentum mPass


Pre-security gate for checking boarding cards and biometric features when entering the security area.

Equipment options:
Reading devices for boarding cards, biometric devices and other appliances

Security level:

Illuminated elements supporting the user guidance on entry indicator, display and drive unit. Frame edge and floor illumination optionally available.

  • Automated
    border control


ABC gate for automatic verification of personal identity at border crossing based on ID documents and biometric data

Equipment options:
Reading devices for ID documents, biometric scanners for fingerprints, iris patterns or facial recognition devices, CCTV camera and other appliances

Security level:
High (SDE configuration with single door exit) or medium (standard configuration)

Illuminated elements supporting the user guidance on entry indicator, display and drive unit. Frame edge and floor illumination optionally available

Magnetic mBorder 2 SDE
  • Boarding


Boarding gate to verify the identity of the passenger before boarding the aircraft

Equipment options:
Reading devices for boarding cards, printers, biometric devices and other appliances

Security level:

Illuminated elements supporting the user guidance on entry indicator, display and drive unit. Frame edge and floor illumination optionally available

You can rely on us.
So passengers can rely on you.

The hardware for your digital airport

  • Magnetic focuses on the hardware required for the passage process
  • Our core technology – drive and control units – has been installed over 200.000 times worldwide
  • A variety of interfaces works with all readers and digital architectures

Comprehensive customisation

Momentum® has a modular design and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the requirements on site – in terms of design and biometrics as well as integration into the airport building and its digital infrastructure.

Simple integration

Momentum® provides the hardware for the digital security architecture. The pedestrian gates can be equipped with all common readers and are therefore particularly easy to integrate into existing data processing and security systems.

Innovative drive technology

The drive and control units are Magnetic’s core technology. With its low-energy approach, the Magnetic Safety Drive System MSDS® combines high efficiency and economical operation with maximum personal safety.

Momentum® for:

Airport operators

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Make passengers happy!

There are many reasons why airport operators should make passengers happy: 

Because happy passengers are completely relaxed when they get to the plane. Because happy passengers like to spend time in the restaurants and stores at the airport. And because happy passengers will be glad to come to your airport again.

But above all: happy passengers make airport operators, airlines and security authorities happy, too. For the same systems that reduce waiting times and make security checks convenient also improve orientation in the building, increase the level of security at the airport, and significantly reduce operating costs.

Magnetic's Momentum® series gives you the tools to meet these goals: With dynamic drive technology and comprehensive control of the passage process, we significantly speed up passenger processes, and the modular design and longevity of our control and drive technology make lengthy downtimes in the passenger area a thing of the past And thanks to the numerous color variants, materials and individual add-on parts, our new generation of barriers fits perfectly into your airport architecture and creates a high-quality, coherent appearance from entering the security area to boarding. 

System integrators
Magnetic Momentum system integrators

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Make it yours!

Most systems integrators in the airport sector focus on the development of digital infrastructures. This includes security architectures for authorities as well as common-use infrastructures that all airlines can access equally.

However, the central passenger processes require not only digital but also physical structures that guide travellers and effectively deny access to unauthorised persons. With Momentum®, Magnetic offers you the hardware for your software solutions. Adapt the design and technology exactly to your needs: with individual colours or stainless steel, with your readers for documents and biometrics, with plenty of space for your computing units. Make your choice – and make it yours.

Security authorities

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Speed up Immigration!

The demands on border control are continuously rising: Airport companies are recording ever-increasing numbers of travellers, security authorities are striving for seamless digital recording of all border crossings, and travellers themselves are placing more and more value on speed and convenience at the airport.

Magnetic has developed mBorder to meet all these requirements. Like all airport systems of the Momentum® series, the ABC gate is extremely modular. With a variety of colours and different entry modules, mBorder is visually customisable. Above all, it can be technically equipped with all common document readers and biometric scanners and offers additional installation space for customised hardware. This and the sophisticated control unit allow mBorder to be seamlessly integrated into higher-level common-use and security infrastructures.

Thanks to a well-designed passage process, mBorder significantly reduces control times at the border crossing. The displays and lighting elements intuitively guide passengers through the control process, and the patented Single Door Exit (SDE) automatically brings facial recognition and iris scanners to eye level. 

Use mBorder and automate border control – so your security staff can focus their attention on those who require it!

Magnetic Momentum set

Momentum® keeps travellers on the move:

Breakdowns are rare, and if they do occur, they can be fixed quickly. The drive and control units are optimally matched to each other and are used in all Magnetic barriers and pedestrian gates – proven in more than 200 000 applications all over the world.

Momentum® keeps travellers on the move – with 200,000 times proven technology.

Thanks to the modular design, all essential components – drive unit, control unit, blocking elements – can be replaced in a few simple steps and in a very short time.

Long-lasting maintenance work in the passenger area are a thing of the past.

Make it your access control!

Magnetic Momentum mPass 2 set

Choose your size!

More lanes, more people: The passenger throughput can be adjusted to your airport’s needs through multi-lane configurations – now or later. Multi-lane configurations can be expanded limitless by adding further units.

Magnetic mGo set

Choose your biometrics!

More systematic checks, more security: The flexible design of the Momentum® family allows for easy upgrading to biometric solutions at all touch points of the passenger journey.

Magnetic mBorder 2 set

Choose your gantry!

More options, less effort: The modular gantry system provides the option to mount additional biometric devices, screens to show information (VIP access, Fast-track, boarding information) and overhead devices (CCTV cameras, alternative sensors). Furthermore, there is no need to lay cables in the floor any more.

Choose your face!

More modules, more you: Pedestrian gates are important points of contact. Customize your entry module and give your gate an individual interface.

Magnetic Momentum color set

Choose your style!

More colours, more branding: The entry and control modules are available in stainless steel and in a variety of colours. Integrate Momentum pedestrian gates into the appearance of your airport or make a strong statement for your brand.

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