Access Control

From robust turnstiles in front of the football stadium, to elegant wing gates allowing wheelchair access for indoor and outdoor areas – pedestrian barriers from Magnetic are suitable for the most varied of access control applications. Thanks to the variety of designs, speeds and security levels, they can be precisely adapted to the desired use. All pedestrian barriers have the energy-efficient and maintenance-free MHTM™ drive unit, which not only keeps operating costs down, but also ensures maximum safety due to its sensitive impact detection.

Wing Gates MPS by Magnetic


Discretely designed wing gates allowing wheelchair access

Turnstiles MPP by Magnetic


Robust turnstiles for managing large visitor numbers

Swing Gates MPW by Magnetic


Swing gates for rapid separation of persons where medium security requirements apply

Retractable Gates MPR by Magnetic


Retractable gates with extremely short opening and closing times for very high throughput frequencies

High Wing Gates MPH by Magnetic


High wing gates for a raised security level and rapid throughput of persons