Access barrier

Entrance Control Barrier "Access"
  • Barrier width of up to 3.5 m
  • Opening and closing times of minimum 2.2 s
  • Basis model with high basic functionality
  • Approved for use with movements of persons

For economical access control
With its width of up to 3.5 m and its high level of basic functionality, Access is a cost-optimised solution for controlling access to car parks, company grounds, residential buildings and similar areas. The MGC control system offers numerous inputs and outputs with dedicated programmed functions, a 2-channel detector module and a closing time that can be selected from three levels. The well thought-out equipment includes all the relevant components and enables uncomplicated commissioning and reliable operation.

Product pictures
Dimensional drawings

Barrier width of up to 3.5 m

Design und Qualität Bild

Access is suitable for controlling entrances and lanes with a maximum lane width of 3.5 m.

Adjustable closing times

Antriebssystem Bild

The opening time is fixed at 2.2 s. The closing time can be set to 2.2, 2.8 or 3.5 seconds.

Approved for use with movement of persons

Antriebssystem Bild

Thanks to its low impact forces and safety settings, when the legally required safety equipment has been installed, Access is approved for use wherever the movement of persons cannot be ruled out for structural reasons.

Technical data Access
Barrier width Max. 3,5 m
Opening/closing time 2,2 s
Power consumption Max. 25 W
Drive technology MHTM™
Voltage 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Duty cycle 100%
Housing dimensions (L x W x H) 315 x 360 x 915 mm
Enclosure rating IP 54
Temperature range -30 to +55 °C
Weight 40 kg
Features Access
Standard colours RAL 2000
VarioBoom barrier arm Standard
Control system MGC
Integrated 2-channel detector for induction loops Standard
Modular expansion of control system Radio receiver and second detector module
Variable I/O assignment
No. of digital inputs 8
No. of relays/digital outputs 6/4
Input for safety light barrier with test Standard
Selectable closing speed Standard
Selectable opening speed
Options Access
Special colours x
Boom extension set x
Pendulum support  
Support post x
Boom drop contact x
Boom locking set x
Boom illumination, red x
Light strips, red/green x
Cover illumination x
Key-operated switch x
Radio module x
Ethernet module  
RS485 module  
CAN module (counting)  
Second detector module x
GSM module x
Safety light barrier x
Battery backup x

Standard colours

Farbe Orange

(RAL 2000)