Welcome to swimming fun!

An extensive domed roof, an open view of the greenery, and swimming pools for all generations – the Neckarbad in the Black Forest town of Schwenningen is not a public attraction for nothing. And the fun already starts at the entrance, thanks to the new access control systems from Magnetic.

“We wanted to create a future-oriented and welcoming atmosphere,” explains Sven Schätzle from Gleichauf GmbH, which has been a sales partner of Magnetic for more than 20 years. “The old access solution with its two vertical turnstiles was not only cold and barred, but was also often impractical.” Schätzle is familiar with demands in the local council sector as his company works closely with the double municipality of Villingen-Schwenningen. So he did not need to think for long before suggesting to the Neckarbad that they install two pedestrian gates from our new FlowMotion® series: “The slender design of the mTripods has a very friendly effect and, thanks to the illumination elements, visitors also know exactly what to do straight away. In addition, the new material is ideally suited for use at swimming pools.” This is a reference to mDure. We are the first producer to use this high-performance substance as a housing material. mDure not only has excellent resistance to impacts, scratches and friction, but is also extremely long-lived and chemically resistant, especially against dampness and the high chlorine content of the swimming pool air.

Gleichauf technicians installed the two mTripods back-to-back. Many visitors pay at the entrance to the pool and, thanks to this turnstile configuration, employees always have sight of the access control systems. They permit access for visitors with season tickets and ensure that the guests can also leave the swimming pool again easily.

The entrance area of the Neckarbad now presents itself in a new light: the illumination provided by the two mTripods in the glassed-in entrance area creates a special accent during evening hours. Visitors like the function and design of the new turnstiles and can enter or leave the facilities easily and comfortably even when carrying bags. The investment has paid off in the opinion of Jürgen Esslinger, Manager of the Neckarbad: “Now the fun already starts at the entrance!”