Together for a safer world

"For a safer world" is Frequentis' motto for good reason. The company from Vienna is one of the world market leaders in the field of safety-critical information and communication systems. The list of customers underlines this: its business partners include railway companies such as DB, ÖBB and SBB as well as the German Air Traffic Control, the German Armed Forces, the US Navy and the space agency NASA.

At Frequentis, security therefore always means security against unauthorised access to the business premises. Accordingly, the company re-tendered the access control systems for the main entrance and for the security area in 2021. As a special structural feature, the underfloor heating had to be taken into account, which made the installation of fastening anchors and cables difficult.

After inspecting the premises, the Austrian sales team developed a two-tier security concept based on the mWing pedestrian gate:

  • In the entrance area, 3 mWing with barrier elements in standard height (888 mm) are used. With their extraordinary, slim design and the lighting elements on the edges of the frame and on the floor, the 3 mWing attract the attention of visitors and thus simplify orientation in the building. Thanks to their high opening speed, they enable access authorisation to be checked quickly and employees and guests to be registered without any gaps. As mWing is approved for escape routes, employees can leave the company directly via the main entrance in case of emergency.
  • In the security area, 2 mWing are used, this time with high barrier elements (1800 mm). They prevent climbing over and thus provide physical protection against unauthorised entry.

Installation was quick and easy in both areas – on the one hand because the MGCplus control unit can be networked with the existing safety and building technology in just a few steps, and on the other hand because the installers could glue the mounting plates directly onto the floor. Elaborate drilling and collisions with the heating elements of the underfloor heating could thus be avoided.

Magnetic was awarded the contract not only because of its differentiated concept, but above all because of its commitment during the on-site visit. Already at the access point, the employees had passed a barrier system that was about 20 years old and only met the current requirements to a limited extent. Therefore, they included new barriers of the type FAAC B680H in the offer. With their fast opening speeds and special durability, these access barriers from FAAC are ideally suited for use at companies. With number plate scanners and terminals, they round off a successful project that will provide more security at Frequentis for a long time.

  • Customer: Frequentis AG, 1100 Vienna, Austria
  • Installed products: 5 mWing type personnel barriers, 2 of which have 1800 mm high barrier elements + 3 mGuide railing system + FAAC Barriers B680H
  • Realisation: May until November 2021
  • Sales office: FAAC GmbH, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
  • Installation partner: LeKa GmbH, 7210 Mattersburg, Austria