Keeping an eye on everything: laser scanner expands potential applications

Although vehicle barriers from Magnetic are extremely versatile, they cannot always exploit their full potentials. This is mostly due to legal or structural restrictions: car park barriers cannot close at full speed if it is impossible to rule out pedestrian traffic, and induction loops cannot control traffic if their trouble-free operation is hindered by, for example, electrical ramp heating.

But these restrictions are now a thing of the past. The new laser scanner from Magnetic scans two optical fields within a range of 9.9 x 9.9 m² and can thus systematically monitor pedestrians and vehicles.

  • The opening field triggers automatic raising of the barrier boom when a vehicle is located in front.
  • The monitoring field controls the closing movement of the barrier boom and checks that there are no persons, vehicles or objects within the barrier movement area.

The laser scanner ensures effective protection of vehicles and persons, and is even TÜV-certified as equipment for human protection. Use the new accessory and exploit the full potential in your application!