IMA, the Italian company, world leader in the design and production of automatic machines for processing and packaging pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food products, tea and coffee, continues to expand and over the last few years has built two new facilities in the province of Bologna, which have become part of its 46 production sites.

Nearly 900 employees work in the offices and production departments at the two new facilities. Approximately 200 visitors travel to the two new facilities every day.

Starting from the summer 2022, the Italian automatic machinery giant has decided to equip the two buildings with motorized gates to provide automatic access control for both employees and external visitors.

The eleven pedestrian passageways are fitted with FlowMotion® series mWing gates, the safest and most elegant pedestrian access solution available on the market today.

In the first building, the motorized passageways are located on the short sides in order to control two accesses located inside existing manually operated doors. In the second facility however, the passageways are located at various points. There are two pairs of access control gates on the sides of the office building (the turnstiles are installed externally in a covered area), two access gates to the production area inside the building and a gate inside the production area for accessing the workshop area. IMA employees can access the areas using their personal badges and access management is regulated by software that is already in use.

It is easy to understand why a world-leading company that produces products of the highest quality has chosen one of the Magnetic brand's flagship products: the mWing pedestrian passageway is perfect for high-quality architectures and for companies that pay close attention to design, elegance, materials used and sustainability.

All FlowMotion® pedestrian gates, designed in collaboration with Pininfarina studio, feature a slender silhouette with soft and fluid lines. The use of the exclusive material, mDure®, a recyclable highly resistant polymer that is easy to coat, offers extensive colour customization, ensuring an immediate impression of elegance, simplicity, compactness and lightness, which is also accentuated by the lighting elements on the edges of the frame and at the base of the structure.

  • Products installed: 11 pedestrian passageways with wing gates mWing
  • Location: Bologna – Italy
  • Year of installation: 2022