Hangzhou Metro - Line 6 - Phase 2: Grand Opening!

Line 6 is a subway line of the Hangzhou Metro. The line runs from Shuangpu (in Xihu District) and West Guihua Road (in Fuyang District), merging at Xiangshan Campus, China Academy of Art station, stretching through the south bank of Qiantang River before turning northwest and ending at Goujulong. It connects Fuyang District with Binjiang, Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium, Qianjiang Century City and Hangzhou East Railway Station. The line is 58.75 km (36.51 mi) long.

Phase 1 and Fuyang Section were completed in December 2020 while the second stage of Hangzhou Metro Line 6 opened to traffic on Nov 6th 2021, linking the Asian Games Village of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 and Hangzhoudong Railway Station.

The second phase of Metro Line 6 involves 9 km of underground railway, with seven stations named Fengbei Station, Asian Games Village Station, Sanbao Station, Tuanhuaan Road Station, Yuanbaotang Station, East Railway Station and Orange Lane Station.

Metro Line 6 plays a significant role in connecting Fuyang district with Hangzhou urban area. It is able to carry up to 2,260 passengers at a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. After the opening of the second phase, Line 6 has become the second line in Hangzhou crossing the Qiantang River, second after Metro Line 1.

Magnetic's kitsets of AFC gates were successfully installed at the entrance of this Metro line thanks to the following key features:

  • Extremely fast opening times of 0.3 seconds
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles
  • Easy integration of multiple applications and innovative drive technology
  • Durability and long life service (mandatory in case of extremely-high use frequency and huge throughflow pedestrian flow)

As a leading international manufacturer of professional vehicle and pedestrian access solutions, Magnetic GmbH will continue to uphold the corporate philosophy of "being the benchmark of innovation, quality and reliability" and help China's rail transit to flourish with better quality products and services.

> Customer: Hangzhou Metro

> Installed products: 564 kitsets of KPR-standard (retractable gates)

                                       115 sets of KPR-wide lane (retractable gates)

> Installation period: 2019-2021