Give a little warmth

And they have collected quite a bit: A whole VW bus full of winter equipment and hygiene products left Magnetic’s factory premises in Schopfheim on 20 October. The destination: the office of the Lörrach homeless charity. From there, the donations will be distributed to homeless people throughout the district over the next few days.

The idea for the fundraising campaign came from the sustainability committee, which actually handles issues connected to environmentally friendly production and business. However, after the experiences of the extremely cold winter last year, the desire arose to do something good outside the company as well. The homeless charity in the district of Lörrach indicated a great need for equipment for the cold season, and so the committee called on the employees at the Schopfheim site to support a fundraising campaign.

The initiators themselves were surprised by the positive response from the Magnetic team. The staff donated tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and whole packages of shower gel, toothpaste, skin lotion and much more. The homeless will be especially happy about the many backpacks and travel bags. They are particularly important for people on the street for keeping things organized and when moving around.

“I am proud of our colleagues, the initiative and, above all, their great willingness to help other people.” explains Magnetic Managing Director Arno Steiner enthusiastically.