FlowMotion®: We redefine access control

The new FlowMotion series of models combines an innovative security concept with a revolutionary design and an extraordinarily long service life.

From 25 – 29 September, we present the FlowMotion® series of models at the Security trade fair in Essen, the world’s largest fair for security technology. For the new range of pedestrian gates, the Magnetic drive and control system specialists have completely reinterpreted access control in buildings. The result is an extremely slender design, a high-performance plastic for the housing, and a radically simplified control concept.

The FlowMotion® series consists of six pedestrian gates with different closing technologies and barrier elements: mTripod, the three-arm turnstile, was the first on the market. At the Security trade fair we focused on the versatile mSwing swing door and on the particularly elegant mWing pedestrian passageway with wing gates and frame elements made of glass.

We thus address a dynamically growing market. More and more companies and public institutions use access control systems to measure visitor numbers, log working times, and prevent unauthorised entry. We want to offer our customers more than superimposed security mechanisms. Our new models are seamlessly integrated into the building, making systematic access control a minor matter that visitors carry out in passing. We thus increase both user acceptance and security in buildings.

Our designers paid particular attention to an aesthetic appearance. In collaboration with an Italian design studio, they developed an extremely slender silhouette with soft flowing lines. Lighting elements on the frame edges and base underline the light and floating appearance of the gates. They convert this functional element into a design object that can be seamlessly integrated in all surroundings and architectures. At the same time, the illumination provides orientation for those entering the building and guides users through the passageway.

This innovative design would be unthinkable without a new material. Magnetic is the only producer worldwide to use mDure – an extremely resistant and long-lived two-component polymer. This high-performance material not only opens up extraordinary design freedom for us, but also gives visitors a warm and friendly first impression on using their access authorisation and on passing through the gate. The colour of the new pedestrian gates can also be individually adapted to their location because mDure is easy to coat.

We have, however, also driven forward development beneath the attractive exterior. All products from our company now use a single type of control unit. Even in the standard version it offers a high level of functionality – with event log, pulse counter and random generator. It can be networked with the internet and building services engineering so that it is simple to integrate in the building control system. Things are made particularly easy for installers and service technicians: they can carry out all settings directly on the device, without any need for a notebook or connection cable.

Despite all the changes, one thing has remained constant: every FlowMotion® gate reflects Magnetic’s decades of experience with drive and control systems. They ensure safe and comfortable passage, low operating costs, excellent robustness, and an extraordinarily long service life of more than 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles.