FlowMotion® in use – today: museums

Bright colour accents or understatement, reliable visitor counts or secure area demarcation, indoor spaces or outdoor areas – the pedestrian gates in the FlowMotion® series offer you flexible access control with design and functionality that are precisely adapted to the requirements of the deployment location. Today we are showing you this with museums as an example.

Museums are not only exhibition spaces for extraordinary pictures, sculptures and numerous other exhibits – they are themselves often architectural masterpieces too. The demands made of interior design are correspondingly high. We recommend the award-winning access control systems in Magnetic’s FlowMotion® series so that even the entrance area becomes an eye-catcher:

  • The slender design with its flowing lines cuts an excellent figure in the most varied of architectural worlds.
  • High-quality design already starts at the entrance – and not just afterwards – with numerous colours, effect finishes and illumination options.
  • The warm pleasant touch of the housing material mDure gives visitors a friendly reception.

But Magnetic does not merely value outward appearances: even with large crowds, mTripod three-arm turnstiles also offer visitors comfortable and reliable access, while mSwing swing doors provide barrier-free entrance.

Would you like to set the right tone? Then contact us! Together we will find the optimum access solution for your requirements.