FlowMotion® Demonstration Days: the revolution in access control

A unique design, impressive illumination, comprehensive functions and a new security concept – this is what we presented to the gathered guests at the FlowMotion® Demonstration Days on 25 - 26 April.

Introduction of the new product generation took place under the motto ‘Your Access to Revolution’. And because we went back to first principles and completely redeveloped our pedestrian barriers from the bottom up, it was particularly important for us to involve our sales partners and answer their questions.

The most visible FlowMotion® innovation is the sleek design with its soft and flowing lines. This styling was only possible because we turned to a new material during the development process – our two-component material ‘mDure’, created with polyurethane specialists from Thieme GmbH in Teningen near Freiburg.

Our guests were able to gain a comprehensive impression of its properties right at the start of the two Demonstration Days. Sales Manager Hartmut Bührer guided the visitors through the entire production process in the production areas at Thieme. The sales partners were visibly impressed – not just by the process technology, but particularly by mDure itself. Because the new material can compete directly with stainless steel when it comes to impact and scratch resistance, as well as resistance to chemicals and detergents. And mDure meets all technical requirements regarding fire prevention.

On the second Demonstration Day, the sales partners could take a hands-on approach and inspect the inner values beneath the beautiful exterior. Heiko Lais, Manager of Product Development at Magnetic, led the participants through a comprehensive product training course; explained installation, commissioning and maintenance; and provided information for future marketing. The sales partners were particularly impressed by the control unit – now used in all vehicle and pedestrian barriers – that considerably reduces the need for training.

We enhance our activities in pedestrian barriers with FlowMotion® and position ourselves as a trendsetter in technology and design. Whereby we see pedestrian barriers as an integral component of buildings, checking the authorisation of users literally as they pass by.