Elegance meets security at I&M Bank Tower!

We are proud to announce the installation of our mWing gates in this prestigious commercial building situated in Nairobi's Central Business District. As a hub for various establishments, including the I&M Bank, educational institutions, and media houses, the I&M Bank Tower stands as one of the city's tallest structures, attracting a significant volume of foot traffic.

One of the key requirements was to implement a pedestrian entrance control system seamlessly integrated with the Visitor Management System and the building's access control system. The customer sought comprehensive logs of both tenants and visitors accessing the building at any given time. Addressing the challenge of limited space and the need to accommodate the high footfall, our trusted local partner, Riana Group, proposed the mWing gates as the ideal solution. These gates were skilfully customized to harmonize with the building's theme, complementing the existing MAGNETIC products, such as the Parking Management system, which we had previously installed for our valued client, I&M Bank.

Our product's compelling features won over the customer:

  • Design: The mWing gates boast a slim, eye-catching profile with striking aesthetics that captivate onlookers. The incorporation of vibrant LEDs adds an alluring touch.
  • Factory-level customization flexibility: We understood the importance of preserving the customer's brand identity, which led us to offer colour customization options that perfectly matched their requirements, as exemplified by the speed gates.
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems (e.g., access control and fire alarm systems): The mWing gates seamlessly interface with these systems, functioning flawlessly. Our meticulous development process ensures a straightforward integration experience.
  • Speed: The operational speed of the gates was also a crucial factor in their selection. Delivering swift and efficient access control was paramount for the customer's needs.

By combining elegance, customization, seamless integration, and swift operation, our mWing gates emerged as the ideal choice for the I&M Bank Tower, setting a new standard in pedestrian entrance control systems.

  • Installed products: two mWing gates wide lanes (900mm)
  • Local client: I&M Bank Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Local solution provider: RIANA Group