Discover Magnetic products installed at entertainment centres for families!

La tête dans les nuages® ( is a famous french franchising entertainment centre for families where visitors can find many enchanting game attractions for kids and adults such as 3D and 4D cinema, sport challenges, video games, LaserGame, mini bowling, shooting games, virtual reality experiences and many others.

We estimate that approx. 500 visitors enter the playing centers every day.

The access to each single playstation was usually managed by a security agent and, additionally, by a Mifare rechargable card. This system prevents frauds and misuse but represented a big investment in terms of money and time.

The owner of La tête dans les nuages® owns several playing centers in France and has been immediately fascinated by the design of the Magnetic Flowmotion® products since their launch. Initially they have been installed at Aéroville playing center and at 5 Boulevard des Italiens playing center in Paris (the largest leisure centre in Europe, more than 1500 m²). The technical staff taking care of these latter playing rooms maintenance declare that Magnetic Flowmotion® range products are reliable, robust and easy to install.

After Covid-19 lockdown the owner of La tête dans les nuages® faced the difficulty to properly manage the post-covid people flow inside the playing centers and the Flowmotion® access control system seemed to be the ideal solution for each single play stations’ entrance control because it does not need a card activation.

Moreover the special product's lighting system perfectly integrates into the indoor environment.

Magnetic sales staff suggested two Flowmotion® products or pedestrian access control solutions: mTripod three-arm turnstile and mWing wing gate creating « a type of perfect standard» which has become the perfect solution to be used in every playing center of this franchising network. We created win/win partnership which could become a successful case study for similar situations.


Products installed:

  • Paris Opéra: 5 products (mWing and mTripod) pedestrian passageway with wing gates
  • Aéroville: 6 mWing pedestrian passageway with wing gates
  • Installation date: first half of 2021