Desaru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex (Ferry Terminal)

This new CIQ Ferry Terminal is one of the latest international gateway in Desaru and thanks to the latest bidirectional immigration automated e-gate installed; it can process 300 passengers at any given time.  The new generation e-gate offers a double swing door and enhances security features, making immigration screening more efficient and effective at peak travel times.

The Ferry Terminal is Malaysia’s 16th entry point and serves two round trips from Singapore on Thursdays to Sundays and one round trip on Monday to Wednesday, based on market demand.

During operation, the terminal sees passengers arriving from Singapore within 90 minutes, while trips from Batam and Bintan takes 75 minutes and 45 minutes, respectively.

A total of 4 lanes of our mBorder immigration gate (Momentum® Series) have been installed at the Desaru CIQ Complex Ferry Terminal.  All lanes are bi-directional and selectable to any of the entry / exit direction depending on the usage required during the time of operation. The gate design was customized with facial recognition display and pre scanning front kiosk at each direction to provide seamless border control access that is required by the Malaysia Immigration Authority. With the latest Magnetic MGC controller and Magnetic MHP motor technology used in the mBorder immigration gate, the software integration becomes easy and flexible as required by the system integrator for gate operation control.

  • Client: Desaru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex (Ferry Terminal)
  • Installed products: mBorder immigration gate – Momentum® Series
  • Installation date: end 2021