A special visit in Schopfheim

A few days ago a delegation from the FAAC Group, led by President Andrea Moschetti, visited Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH in Schopfheim.

The GM of Magnetic Arno Steiner and his team welcomed FAAC colleagues at their premises, after the long period of pandemic that made difficult travelling and visiting the Group companies.

During the visit, the colleagues who came from Zola Predosa were shown the Magnetic facilities focusing on the production area and R&D. Sustainable product development, innovation, leadership and lean thinking were the main topics discussed.
Marco Monterastelli, FAAC Group's CTO, together with Heiko Lais, Magnetic product development director, and his team deep dived the development progress of Magnetic branded products and gave an update on medium and long-term projects.
A key topic during the visit was the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a document describing the environmental impact associated with the production of a product or service.

With the help of our colleague Sandra Paola Ricci, who recently joined FAAC as Product Sustainability Specialist, it was possible to discuss the future steps to obtain this certification and which data should be collected in the first phase of a product design.

Two very exciting days during which, thanks to the in-depth information provided by the Magnetic team, our Italian colleagues were able to return to FAAC Headquarters with excellent feedback and interesting ideas.

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