A heart for animals in Bulgaria

From our production site in Tutrakan in northern Bulgaria, we know how important the commitment to animal welfare is there. Many animals are kept in miserable conditions or roam the streets without a master. Especially in the winter months, they suffer from cold and food shortages.

The fundraising campaign, which was initiated and organised by the Sustainability Committee, therefore struck a chord with the staff at Magnetic's headquarters in Schopfheim. In no time at all, the storage boxes in the shipping department filled up with pet food, toys, dog leashes, scratching posts, grooming items, transport boxes and warm gloves - they are meant for the animal caretakers who care for animals outdoors.

On 16 November, the donations then set off on their journey. Our regular truck to Bulgaria brought them to the animal welfare association RUFA e. V. (Rescuers United For Animals) in nearby Silistra. “The donations come at just the right time”, animal keeper Nadya was pleased to say. “We sometimes only have food stocks for a few days. Now we have a cushion for the winter.”