100% reliable: it runs. And runs. And runs. This is what Magnetic barriers are!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Building (FBI) in Honolulu, Hawaii was unveiled in April 2013 and is located on a 10 acre site in Kapolei's Barber's Point. This is a state-of-the-art office serving as the headquarters for all FBI operations in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, and American Samoa.
It is a 160,000 square foot facility and boasts a 20,000 square foot annex for automotive and electronic repairs.
The FBI office is interfaced with a wedge barrier system (granting maximum perimeter entry security) and their chosen vehicle barrier needed to be the most reliable component within the system.
The customer requirements called for 100% duty cycle, high mean cycle before failure and low mean time to repair. Equally as important were the requirements for the best in weather and corrosion protection due to their proximity to the Pacific Ocean.
The Parking Pro barrier by Magnetic seemed to be the best product to be offered representing the ideal solution for professional parking applications.

This barrier model grants:

  • low energy consumption
  • low-maintenance components
  • simple servicing
  • designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles

The MicroDrive barriers by Magnetic exceeded their requirements and later their expectations.
Barriers have been installed at the entrance of the underground parking area of the building, this portal provides both an entry lane and an exit lane and secures over 400 parking stalls. The entry is controlled via their buidling’s access control system and the user’s contactless RFID cards. The MicroDrive barriers by Magnetic are currently perfectly running almost 10 years after installation: it runs. And runs. And runs.

  • Products installed: 2 Parking PRO Barriers
  • Installation period: 06/2013
  • Local installer involved: K12 Defense - Arizona