Do you want to collect toll fees rapidly, reliably and economically? And do you also want to guarantee road users swift passage and short waiting times? We not only offer you our particularly rapid and reliable Toll Barriers, but also the comprehensive experience we have gained from toll projects worldwide.

Access control

Energy-efficient vehicle barriers for controlling access to parking spaces.
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Access control

Energy-efficient vehicle barriers for blocking individual lanes.
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Toll clearance

Rapid barriers for collecting toll fees.
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High infrastructure costs, congested city centres, political decisions to reduce individual motorised traffic – the collection of toll fees is playing an increasingly important role in road traffic. At the same time, the demands of users who expect swift passage on routes subject to a fee are also rising. The extremely rapid Toll Barriers from Magnetic are the ideal solution for toll stations that collect toll fees digitally or in passing. With opening and closing times of up to 0.3 seconds they ensure high throughflow rates while preventing unauthorised passage – a major advantage compared to free-flow systems without barriers, where low amounts must be collected with high administrative costs.

We have been working with infrastructure operators and traffic authorities throughout the world for many years and have comprehensive experience in the project planning, installation and maintenance of barriers in the toll sector.

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Toll Barriers from Magnetic have been precisely designed to achieve rapid, reliable and economical processing of road users. The various toll models enable opening times of between 1.3 and 0.3 seconds and are also rapidly re-commissioned even after collisions thanks to automatic or manual re-engagement of the barrier boom. The heart of the barriers, the innovative MHTM™ drive unit, operates extremely rapidly, reliably and energy-efficiently – keeping operating costs low even in the long term.

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Access Pro-L

Access barriers like the Access Pro-L are a valuable supplement for toll stations. They prevent inadvertent entry to lanes that are not occupied by actively and physically closing them. This not only prevents dissatisfied users, but also arbitrary turning manoeuvres and dangerous traffic situations in front of your toll stations. Access Pro-L barriers can be individually adapted to the requirements of your toll station thanks to a variety of barrier widths, speeds and equipment options.

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Installation References

Country Projects Installed barriers Quantity of barriers Date of realisation
China Beijing Motorways Toll, Toll Pro,Toll Highspeed,Toll Highspeed 2 200 2015 – 2018
Shanghai Motorways Toll, Toll Pro,Toll Highspeed,Toll Highspeed 2 200 2015 – 2018
Xinjiang Province Motorways Toll, Toll Highspeed 500 2015 – 2018
Ma’Wu Expressway Toll Pro, Toll Highspeed 135 2018 - 2020
Columbia Peaje Pacífico III Toll Pro2 50 2017 – 2019
Peaje Patios
Peaje CCFC
Peaje La Cabaña
Egypt Cairo / Alexandria / Port Said / North Coast Motorways Toll 221 2017/2018
Greece Aegan Motorway Toll Pro 160 2017 – 2019
Attiki Odos Toll Pro, Toll Pro 2 310 2015 – 2023
Olympia Odos Toll Pro 210 2022
India Karnataka Toll, Toll Pro 204 2013 – 2017
Rajasthan Toll, Toll Pro 188 2013 – 2017
Maharashtra Toll, Toll Pro 296 2012 – 2017
Indonesia Jasamarga Motorways Toll Pro, Toll HighSpeed 1400++ 2014 – 2018
Malaysia Klang Valley/Penang Motorways Toll Pro, Toll Pro 2, Toll HighSpeed, Toll HighSpeed 2 300++ 2010 – 2018
East Klang Valley Expressway (EKVE) Toll Pro 2 80 2022
Mexico CAPUFE Motorways Toll Pro 550 2013 – 2017
Philippines San Miguel Corporation Motorways Toll Pro, Toll HighSpeed 600++ 2015 – 2018
Poland AmberOne A1 Motorway Toll Pro 2 112 2019
USA Chicago Skyway Toll Pro 23 2017
Virginia Greenway Toll HiSpeed 44 2019
Ohio Turnpike toll road Toll Pro 2 116 2023
Vietnam North- South Expressway Toll Pro, Toll HighSpeed 150 2015 – 2018