Public transport

Do you want to inspect tickets rapidly and reliably? Do you want to direct the flow of travellers and commuters safely through the stations? And, at the same time, do you want to reduce your process costs? We not only offer you the right products, but also the experience gained from numerous projects all over the world.

Ticket inspection for underground systems

Rapid passenger barriers with non-contact individualisation for reliable ticket inspection with high passenger volumes.
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Ticket inspection for trams

Rapid passenger barriers with full monitoring of the throughput process for reliable and user-friendly ticket inspection.
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Ticket inspection for buses

Rapid passenger barriers with adaptable security level for reliable ticket inspection in unsupervised areas.
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Ticket inspection for ships

Robust passenger barriers for reliable outdoor ticket inspection in demanding climates.
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Bicycle parking

Turnstiles with bicycle gate for secure accommodation of bikes in bicycle parking garages or on protected bicycle parking areas.
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Car parks

Rapid car park barriers with tailgating prevention for reliable ticket inspection in all car parks and parking areas.
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Perimeter protection

Turnstiles and swing gates for reliable monitoring of employees and service providers on the way to stations.
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Access control

Barriers and terminals for controlling access to company grounds, to employee car parks, and to other protected areas.
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For the first time in human history more people live in cities than in the countryside. Given the increasing density of settlement and rising environmental pollution only a powerful public transport network can sustainably meet the mobility needs of urban inhabitants.

Magnetic offers numerous solutions that enable you to design public transport processes that are both quicker and safer.

Millions of commuters and pedestrians are consistently recorded and checked every day by our passenger barriers for ticket inspection and automatic fare collection (AFC gates). We thus make a major contribution towards shortening transfer times, guiding individuals at urban hubs, and efficiently collecting fares.  

We have been working for many years with traffic companies, railway station operators and system integrators worldwide, and have gained comprehensive experience of the planning, installation and maintenance of access and ticket inspection systems in public transport.

A selection of our products for public transport


The MPR pedestrian gate has been specially developed for AFC-related applications and ensures rapid, non-contact and user-friendly checking of tickets in public transport. The extremely short flap opening time of 0.3 seconds and the simple installation of multiple applications are the prerequisite for inspecting travellers’ tickets reliably and fully automatically even during peak periods. The integrated control unit can be operated with all ticket systems and used in both directions.

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The secure parking of bicycles is of special importance for the successful switch to regional and long-distance public transport systems. The MPB turnstile with its bicycle gate is the optimum solution for access control at bicycle parking facilities. When the presence of a bike is detected via the induction loop, the swing gate automatically opens when the rider enters the turnstile – freeing the path for the bicycle. Operation of the turnstile can be regulated with all common access control systems.

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Our references worldwide.

Region Country Installation location Installed AFC gates Quantity Year of installation
Europe France Metro Paris MPW, KPW 800 2011 – 2018
Norway Flytoget, Oslo Airport MPW 50 2009
Netherlands Metro Amsterdam MPW 1000 2005 – 2007
Poland Metro Warsaw MPH 225 2015 – 2018
Middle East UAE Metro Dubai KPR 350 2009
Dubai Marina MPP 50 2009
Asia China Metro Hangzhou, Line 2 KPR 180 2017
Metro Wuhan, Line 2 KPR 380 2012
Metro Wuhan, Line 3 KPR 460 2014
Metro Wuhan, Line 4 KPR 527 2013 – 2014
Metro Wuhan, Line 6 KPR 572 2016
Metro Wuhan, Line 7 KPR 460 2017
Metro Chongqing, Line 1 KPR 441 2010 – 2012
Metro Chongqing, Line 2 KPR 160 2012
Metro Chongqing, Line 3 KPR 300 2010 – 2012
Metro Chongqing, Line 5 KPR 410 2017
Metro Chongqing, Line 6 KPR 636 2012 – 2014
Metro Xiamen, Line 1 KPR 500 2016
Metro Zengzhou, Line 2 KPR 262 2016
Metro Shenzhen, Line 2 and 4 KPR 550 2010
Metro Shenzhen, Line 9 and 11 KPR 1000 2015 – 2016
Metro Ningbo, Line 1 KPR 430 2013 – 2014
Metro Ningbo, Line 2 KPR 403 2013 – 2014
Metro Dalian, Line 2 KPR 571 2014
Metro Nanjing KPR 470 2014
Metro Nanjing, Line 10 KPR 450 2013
Metro Suzhou, Line 1 KPR 320 2013
Metro Suzhou, Line 2 KPR 332 2012 – 2013
Metro Hangzhou, Line 2 KPR 656 2013 – 2017
Metro Kunming, Line 1, 2 and 6 KPR 638 2011
Metro Chengdu, Line 2 KPR 701 2011
Metro Shanghai KPR 30 2008
Taiwan Metro Taipeh KPR 170 2011-2012
India Metro Delhi KPR 150 2010
Surat Bus Rapid Transit System MPP & MPS 300+ 2017-2018
Hubli Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System MPR 150+ 2017-2018
Indonesia TransJakarta Electic Train MPP 200 2010
Malaysia Metro Kuala Lumpur KWP 300 2015 – 2016
Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) MPW 16 2009
Australia Australia Metro Sydney KPR 660 2011
New Zeland Metro Auckland KPR 80 2011
South America Brazil Metro San Paolo, Line 2 MPH 180 2009
Metro San Paolo, Line 4 MPH 120 2010
Ecuador Metrovia Troncal 2, Guayaquil MPP, MPT, MPS 122 2007
Africa South Africa Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Cape Town KPW 200 2012 – 2014
Gautrain, Johannesburg MPH 200 2009
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Ekurhuleni MPW 80 2018 – 2019