Do you want to manage car parks and parking spaces efficiently? Do you want to guarantee users rapid entry and exit? And is the constant operational readiness of your barriers important for you? We not only offer you efficient car park barriers and versatile terminals, but also many years of experience for your parking projects!

Car park and parking spaces make major demands of the barriers that regulate access to their entrances and exits. Car park barriers must open and close rapidly in order to manage congestion during peak periods and prevent long queues. At the same time, they need expanded sensor systems that detect tailgating vehicles and prevent their access. And, last but not least, low operating costs and high reliability – guaranteeing smooth traffic flows at all times – are vital for managing car parks and parking spaces.

Parking Pro car park barriers from Magnetic are the ideal solution for all these demands. They offer rapid opening and closing times of up to 1.3 seconds, detect any tailgating by following vehicles by means of induction loops, and ensure long-lived, reliable and cost-efficient operation thanks to the energy-efficient low-maintenance drive unit.

Terminals supplement the car park barriers in shape and design, offering easily accessible installation space for all ticketing and access control systems.

A selection of our products for car parks and parking spaces

Parking Pro

In the car park, at the parking space or in the underground garage – Parking Pro is the ideal barrier for professional, heavily used parking applications. Rapid opening times and sensors for detecting tailgating vehicles ensure reliable vehicle processing. In addition, the low-maintenance components with low energy consumption and simple servicing permanently keep operating costs down.

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With its wide continuous front panel and large installation depth, the Terminal-MXL is the optimum equipment for car parks and parking spaces. It offers a universally applicable platform for intercoms and video monitoring, as well as for complex ticket provision and inspection systems. The front panel can be unlocked with a single key and simply pulled out on telescopic rails. As a result, car park employees can easily refill the terminal with tickets and remove used tickets.

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