Terminal-MH, -MXL

Free-standing housings

Car Terminals by Magnetic
  • Universal platform for a wide variety of equipment
  • Shape and colors based on prize-winning design of Access barriers
  • Slide-out front cover for simple commissioning and maintenance
  • Maximum protection against corrosion

For installing additional equipment
MH, ML and MXL Terminals are the ideal functional and design supplements for all Magnetic barriers. They offer a universal platform for customer-specific equipment – for intercom systems and video monitoring or for complex access and exit control systems. The Terminals are made of aluminium and stainless steel, and are thus designed for long service lives. The front consists of a front cover that can be extended out on telescopic rails and a slide-in door which can only be opened with a single key. This allows service technicians easy access to all installed components. The Terminals from Magnetic are available in three designs. With respective heights of 47.3 in and 58.9 in, the MH and MXL models are intended for car traffic. The ML model is 86.7 in tall and offers two separate equipment areas. It is suitable for both car and truck traffic.

Product pictures
Dimensional drawings
Access Pro Maßzeichnung
MS: View from front and from side / MH: View from front and from side
Access Pro Maßzeichnung
MS: Detailed view of front cover / MH: Detailed view of front cover

Easy access from the car

Design und Qualität Bild

MH and MXL Terminals have been designed with respective heights of 47.3 and 58.9 in, for easy operation from the driver’s seat. With two different sizes, the front panel offers space for all common access control systems.

Versatile control systems

Antriebssystem Bild

Whether intercom system, video camera, card reader, ticket systems or biometric identification – any access control system can be easily integrated in Terminals from Magnetic.

Easily accessible components

Steuerung Bild

Two simple hand movements: the front panel of the Terminal can be slid out on telescopic rails and the door is easy to remove. This increases user-friendliness and speeds up commissioning and servicing.

Technical data Terminal-MH Terminal-MXL
Use Car Car
Housing dimensions (L x W x H) 11.7 x 47.3 x 10.5 in 19.5 x 58.9 x 14.4 in
Installation space (W x H) 8.2 x 19.1 in 12.2 x 27.75 in
Weight 33.1 lb 123.5 lb
Front cover design Mounted on telescopic rails Mounted on telescopic rails
Housing design Powder-coated aluminium Powder-coated aluminium
Base design Stainless steel Stainless steel
Enclosure rating IP54 IP54
Options Terminal-MH Terminal-MXL
Connection plate x x
Heating x x
Key switch x x

Standard colors

Color light grey

Light grey
(similar to RAL 9006)

Color white

(similar to RAL 9010)

Standard colors, front and back

Color Black-grey

Black-Grey (Anthracite)
(similar to RAL 7021)