Railing system

  • Separation of areas for controlled and freely accessible zones
  • Ideal supplement as user guidance system for the FlowMotion® pedestrian gates
  • Clear transparent design seamlessly integrates into demanding architectures
  • Individually adaptable to point of use thanks to flexible width
  • Safety glass provides maximum user safety

For the separation of controlled and freely accessible areas
A pedestrian barrier is only as good as the boundary in which it creates a controlled passageway. That's why Magnetic not only offers access control systems, but also the matching railing systems to secure protected areas. The offer includes several design variants: The FlowMotion® guide element corresponds to the dimensions of an mTripod and together with it forms a complete passageway. The mGuide elements made of stainless steel are available as boundary elements for closing the gaps between walls and access control - optionally with a glass panel, with a handrail and glass panel, or with a handrail and knee rail. This way, the railing system can also be perfectly adapted to the surroundings.

Product pictures
Technical data mGuide
Barrier width Up to 51.2 in
Barrier element thickness 3.9 in
Housing material Stainless steel V2A
Housing height 39.4 in
Housing diameter 4.1 in at base, 1.7 in on columns
Barrier elements Glass panels made of single-layer safety glass
(ESG) or acrylic glass, customer-specific
barrier elements