Swing gate

Wing Gate MPS by Magnetic
  • Compact accommodation of drive and control system in stainless steel cylinder
  • Low impact forces for maximum personal safety
  • Freely rotating in case of power failure
  • Suitable for wheelchairs, bicycles and material carts
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles

For sophisticated settings
Magnetic kept the visible elements of the MPS gate to a minimum. Because the control system and drive are fully integrated, users only see the movable stainless steel cylinder and the barrier element. As a result, the MPS is the ideal choice to fit in with your sleek décor, offering low to medium volumes of traffic – for museums, showrooms and modern offices. Despite its minimalist design, the MPS offers extremely flexible capabilities. Its wide opening angle of 300° and bi-directional operation enable the implementation of access and exit control with a single barrier. The combination of two MPS units also allows a wider passage, to more easily accommodate wheelchair users and material carts. The sensitive impact detection of the innovative MHTM™ drive always ensures maximum safety. The opening and closing speeds can be adapted to the particular intended purpose. The barrier itself is available in stainless steel tubing or a safety-glass wing.

Product pictures
Dimensional drawings
MPS 122 with barrier tubing
MPS 122 with barrier tubing
MPS 122 with glass wing
MPS 122 with glass wing

Versatile design

Design und Qualität Bild

Development of the MPS focused on its use in sophisticated settings. The reduced design of the MPS offers simple integration in modern office buildings, museums and showrooms.

Innovative drive technology

Antriebssystem Bild

The MHTM™ drive unit operates without maintenance, energy-efficiently and quietly. Sensitive impact detection ensures maximum safety.

Secure interlocking

Antriebssystem Bild

An electromagnetically toothed coupling prevents the barrier from being pushed out of its end position or moved against the selected direction of passage.

Technical data MPS
Passage width max. 70.8 in with barrier tubes, max. 36.5 in with glass wing
Opening/closing time 1.5–4 s, depending on dimensions of barrier element
Opening angle Adjustable from 0 to 300°
Drive technology MHTM™
Voltage 110 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 45 W
Duty cycle 100%
Housing material Stainless steel 304
Housing height 39.4 in
Housing diameter 6.26 in
Enclosure rating IP 44
Temperature range -13 to +131° F (with activated static heating system)
Barrier elements Toughened or laminated safety glass; gate heights of 47.25”, 59” or 70.8”; Customer-specific glass barrier designs possible with back-lighting, imprints or appliqués; custom color acrylic
Approvals Approved for escape and rescue routes
Expansions Railings, railings with glass sheet, railings with knee rail