Toll barriers

Toll Barrier by Magnetic
  • Opening and closing times of as fast as 0.3 s
  • Very low operating costs due to efficient and long-lived MHTM™ drive
  • Very user-friendly and optimum accessibility
  • Prize-winning design: 2014 German Design Award and 2012 Red Dot Award for design
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing processes

For rapid toll processing
Rapid, reliable, and economical processing of vehicles is essential when collecting toll charges at bridges, tunnels and on roads. Toll series barriers from Magnetic have been specially designed for this situation. The innovative MHTM™ drive at the heart of the barriers is characterized by its speed, lack of maintenance and energy efficiency, thus keeping long-term costs down. The Toll barriers can be adapted to meet individual requirements: there are five models with opening times from 1.3–0.3 s, which can be equipped with a variety of control devices, flanges and barrier arms. All barrier packages are provided with a swing-away flange as standard. In the case of a collision with a vehicle, the barrier arm is released and can be manually re-engaged afterwards. This protects the barrier arms, vehicle, and drive unit. There is also the optional auto-return-swing-away flange for the foam barrier arms, which automatically re-engages after a collision with a vehicle.

Product pictures

Effective toll processing

Design und Qualität Bild

Toll Barriers from Magnetic are the optimum solution for all toll applications thanks to their speed, reliability and low operating costs.

Innovative drive technology

Antriebssystem Bild

The MHTM™ drive unit operates without maintenance, energy-efficiently and quietly. Its high torque ensures best possible operation even under extreme weather conditions.

Individual configuration

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Five models, three control units, three different barrier booms – the Toll Barriers can be individually adapted to your requirements. Our staff would be pleased to advise you!