24V Access Barrier

  • Opening width of up to 20 ft
  • Opening and closing times as fast as 2.2 s
  • Very low operating costs
  • Solar power option allows for up to 500 cycles per day in remote locations

For access control
The Access-24V barrier line, consisting of the Access-RE and Access Pro-H-RE, is specifically designed for facilities that already have a 24V DC power source. The Access series barriers from Magnetic are optimized solutions for access control at car parks, company grounds, residential buildings, port facilities and other secured areas with lane widths up to 20 ft. At the heart of the Access series is the innovative MHTM™ drive that is distinguished by its energy efficiency, lack of maintenance and long service life – the Access series is designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles.

Product pictures

Barrier width of up to 20 ft

The Access-24V is suitable for controlling entrances and lanes with a maximum lane width of up to 20 ft

Adjustable closing times

The opening time for the Access-RE is fixed at 2.2 s. The closing time can be set to 2.2, 2.8 or 3.5 seconds. The opening and closing times for the Access Pro-H-RE can each be adjusted to 4, 6, or 8 seconds independently of one another.

Solar Power Option

The solar power option gives you the ability to use your MHTMTM MicroDrive in remote locations where it is cost-prohibitive to run power. The easily integrated  option fits completely inside the gate housing and allows operation of up to 500 cycles per day, depending on the conditions and additional options.