Providing a secure and reliable office entrance

At Magnetic, we understand just how vital a secure and reliable entrance is to such an important business. From the initial design working with Pick Everard, we reviewed the best entrance solution, to meet the clients brief and requirements.

Project Background: The facilities team at EDF wanted to increase security with a safe and secure entrance that would suit their ground structure. They wanted a full entrance solution with a revolving door at the end of a bridge with a sheltered glass tunnel leading up to a pair of automatic sliding doors and security lanes. As part of the project, we worked closely with the contractor Imtech Inviron Ltd and all the project team, whilst meeting all challenges along the way, we aimed to create the perfect solution without disrupting the space and flow of the foyer whilst entering and exciting the building.

Solution: One key item was enabling staff to be able to enter the entrance corridor through a revolving door, providing a sustainable and weathertight area out of the weather, then having a secondary entrance through a pair of automatic sliding doors, therefore providing an improved entrance with high protection against all weather conditions. To comply with Part M of buildings regulations, we provided the unique FAAC Airslide automatic sliding door system, to ensure accessibility for all.

Once inside the building, we installed a bank of 3 security lanes, to control the access for authorised users only and preventing unauthorised personnel from entering the building.

Sliding door: the FAAC A1400 sliding door’s innovative “energy saving” feature empowers this system to discern transit direction, meticulously optimizing opening and closing times. This functionality effectively prevents unnecessary air dispersion, even amid cross traffic occurrences. The resulting product is environmentally conscious, reliable, secure, technologically advanced and notably, cost effective in the long term.

Pedestrian Gates: our FlowMotion® range mWing Pedestrian Gate system ensures swift visitor flow with quick opening times and preset travel features, ensuring high-security standards in both monitored and unmonitored areas. Engineered for durability and comes with a unique surface finish.

AIRSLIDE Sliding Door: FAAC supplied and installed 1 unique AIRSLIDE automatic sliding door, with an integrated air curtain. An air barrier protects the entrance area from the cold in winter and the heat in summer, without dispersion. This solution, designed for automatic entrances, allows the air to be kept inside the building, thereby helping to reduce energy consumption.

The AIRSLIDE system combines the automatic opening and air curtain systems into a single unit, with obvious aesthetic and functional advantages. Its sleek design makes it easy to integrate into any architectural perspective.

  • Project Year: 2023
  • Products installed: mWing Pedestrian Gates, FAAC A1400 Slider with pocket screen & TK35 profile, FAAC Airslide Sliding Door