Magnetic products serving indian airports

Over the past few years, the digital transformation in the airline industry took on the challenge of improving customer experience and reducing waiting time. Airports and airlines strive to adopt self-services and new digital systems to streamline the boarding experience under the Digi Yatra scheme of the Government of India. The digital processing of passengers at various check points with facial recognition systems ensures smooth flow of passengers; it also facilitates self bag drop and self check-in using a single token and enhanced security.

This will also ensure paperless travel and avoid normal identity checks at multiple points.

The Indian Airport Authority objectives were:

  • To enhance and simplify the passenger experience and improve security standards
  • Achieve better throughput via existing infrastructure using a digital framework
  • Walk-through process facilitated by advanced facial biometric solutions
  • Result in lower-cost operations
  • Remove redundancies at checkpoints and improve enhanced resource utilization
  • Digitalize current manual processes and bring better efficiencies
  • Get real-time notifications about congestion and delays to have greater visibility throughout the journey

The purpose was to determine the most cost-effective way to board passengers and still maintain quality and customer satisfaction. We conclude that Magnetic Boarding Gate is the prime choice in place of a non- traditional methodology. The Boarding Gates by Magnetic guarantee a simple identification by placing the boarding pass on the reading device. The gates are empowered with an automated boarding system in order to accelerate the passenger flow from the terminal to the airplane via the security area and the departure gate.

Additionally our Magnetic boarding gate is integrated with NEC facial recognition system, the world’s best facial recognition technology.

The inspection of boarding passes at the security area entrance ensures that only passengers who have a valid ticket (i.e. the DigiYatra ID) can access the security area and the departure gates. A second inspection before entering the airplane offers operators an un-complicated opportunity to check who is already on board, and provides an alarm if passengers board at the wrong gate.

The automatic checking of boarding passes also relieves security staff of routine tasks so that they can dedicate themselves to passengers who really need assistance. The low impact forces and sensitive sensors of the barrier elements ensure maximum safety for users. The low-maintenance and energy- efficient drive unit keep costs down in the long term.
Scanners for boarding passes, smartphones and other control media can be individually integrated as required.

Majority of the passengers found the process easy to understand and appreciated the concept of not showing the same documents many times.

The queues were shorter and the processing time was faster.

The boarding e-gates ensure faster processing time.

In India, the use of Digi Yatra has ensured that despite the increase in passengers, efficiency and reliability have not been compromised. This can only continue to aid terminal operations and create a more seamless journey for passengers as the density of airports increase.

Installed products:

  • 108 gates (E-Gates, Pre-Security gates and Boarding Gates)

Airport Locations:

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport – Varanasi
  • Vijayawada International Airport – Vijayawada
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport – Kolkatta
  • Pune International Airport - Pune