Magnetic know-how now also at the public outdoor pool in Schopfheim

After a mTripod turnstile (FlowMotion® series) with face recognition was installed in the citizens' office of the city of Schopfheim last year, Magnetic has another new story to be told.

Magnetic has also provided the city of Schopfheim with a total of 3 new gates of the FlowMotion® series for the public outdoor pool.

These consist of 2 mTripod turnstiles and an mSwing (electric glass swing door).

The mTripods are integrated into a cash register system of Ticos Systems from Switzerland and can be used by all season ticket and online ticket holders.

The mSwing is used to facilitate the entry of mothers with prams, wheelchair users and daily guests. The mSwing is controlled separately from the cash desk.

Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH is pleased to be able to support the city of Schopfheim once again.