Magnetic Flowmotion®: Studio Bandera in Brescia chooses mWing access control gates for security and elegance

The Crystal Palace, designed by the architect Bruno Fedrigolli and inaugurated in 1992, is a prestigious 27-storey building 110 metres high, the first skyscraper built in Brescia, which has dominated the skyline of the Lombardy city for thirty years. It is also a business centre that houses the offices of important companies. One of these is the Brescia office of Studio Bandera, which since 1995 has been providing qualified and multidisciplinary professional advice on tax, corporate and legal matters to companies, businesses and families. The office has been enhanced by the work of the Brescian artist Felice Martinelli, with a high level of aesthetic quality and attention to detail.

“The layout of Studio Bandera’s offices - explains the company - has been designed with the aim of facilitating interaction between professionals, the contamination of skills, the exchange of ideas and the immediacy of relationships. Or teams work together, respecting privacy and focusing on finding the right solutions for our customers”.

In this context of quality, comfort and research into the aesthetics of the interior, Studio Bandera wanted to introduce an access control system that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with high quality materials. At the end of 2022, a mWing pedestrian gate by Magnetic with glass panels and integrated KEYDOM system readers, was installed at the ground floor entrance to the studio.

The system uses proximity badges to control staff and visitor access to the offices. The 900mm wide passageway also provides disabled access, helps overcome architectural barriers and facilitates the movement of materials for maintenance and/or dispatch.

FAAC's KEYDOM access control platform allows you to monitor events live or retrieve and report on past events, who entered the studio, when and for how long, providing full remote management with web-based capabilities.