Gain Momentum - at the PTE Expo in Paris!

How do you speed up the passenger journey to the aircraft? How do you increase the level of security at the airport? And how do you best meet the requirements of airport operators, security authorities and airlines?

As a specialist in access control, we at Magnetic have a clear answer to these questions. It is with the new Momentum® model series, which we will be presenting at the Passenger Terminal EXPO from 15 to 17 June.

With Momentum® we offer access control systems for all stations of the passenger journey: pre-security gates for access to the security area, ABC gates for border crossing, and boarding gates for the last identity check before boarding the aircraft.

In order to speed up the passenger screening process, Momentum® is applied in several places: Displays and lighting elements guide travellers intuitively through the screening process, and in addition, a multitude of light barriers monitor users and consistently rule out misuse or incorrect operation. And with our own control and drive technology, which has been tried and tested 200,000 times, we offer one of the most safe and secure pedestrian gates on the market.

Momentum® increases the level of safety by systematically checking all travellers. For this purpose, the individual models can be equipped with all common readers for boarding cards and identity documents as well as with biometric scanners for identity verification.

Thanks to its modular design, Momentum® can be integrated into the common-use infrastructures of airports and the security architectures of public authorities in just a few steps. In addition, central modules such as the drive and control units can be replaced in a few simple steps. In this way, we avoid unnecessary maintenance work and downtimes in the passenger area.

Have we piqued your interest? Then follow us on LinkedIn or visit us in person at Passenger Terminal EXPO! There you can try out Momentum® for yourself and get to know us:


We will show you our pre-security and boarding gates as a space-saving 2-lane application. With anti-swap and queuing detection functions, they ensure fast check-in in busy areas and offer mounting options for information displays and additional biometric readers thanks to the gantry system.


At our ABC Gate, we will demonstrate the extensive integration options for biometric scanners and common-use infrastructures.

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By the way: Our colleagues from FAAC with their high-security bollards and the team from HUB PARKING TECHNOLOGY with their parking systems will also be present at our joint stand.

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