Faster to work, faster to the customer

Many supermarket chains are still looking for their way into the digital world - the Dutch online supermarket Picnic has successfully found his own. Instead of shelves, customers at Picnic find fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and non-food items in a clear app. The shopping basket is delivered the next day and with electrically powered vehicles.

The company is one of the digital success stories and has grown strongly since its foundation in 2015. Picnic is now available in 120 cities in the Netherlands, 45 in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and in 2 in France. The goods are delivered fresh and on time to customers’ homes via a tight network of distribution centres.

In order to keep the processes as lean and efficient as possible, Picnic 2022 started to automatically record the attendance times and access authorisations of employees and visitors. Two mWing pedestrian gates are used for this purpose. With their slim design and flowing lines, the access control systems from Magnetic create an exciting contrast to the architecture of the entrance area, which is dominated by straight edges and right angles. The two mWing are precisely aligned with the staircase’s entrance and exit and, with their 900 mm wide lane passages, give access to pedestrians and suppliers alike. Thanks to the short opening and closing times and the bidirectional operation, employees can enter and leave the building without waiting times during shift changes. Since mWing is approved for escape routes, an emergency exit is even available in emergency situations. In this case, the two barriers open in response to an alarm signal.

Picnic was extremely impressed with mWing, especially the design, speed and smooth operation. Requests have already been received for two more distribution centres in Dordrecht and Eindhoven. Here, too, mWing is to be installed – so that the employees get to work faster and the goods get delivered quicker to the customers.

  • Customer: Picnic B.V., Distribution Centre Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Installed products: 2 mWing pedestrian gates in wide lane configuration and 2 mTripod
  • Realisation: August 2022
  • Planning and installation: Connect-D Digital Building Solutions, Rotterdam, The Netherlands