Crossing Qiantang, linking the future: Magnetic shines on Hangzhou Metro Line 8

The construction of Hangzhou Metro network started in 2007 and, in the end, it will include 13 lines, stretching 375km by 2050. Of the 13 planned lines, ten are expected to be completed by 2025. The metro will form 40% of the city’s public transport.

On June 28, the first phase of Hangzhou Metro Line 8 was officially opened and Magnetic participated in the construction of this key supporting project for the 19th edition of the Asian Games which will be held in Hangzhou between 10th and 25th of September 2022.

Hangzhou's youngest administrative district, Qiantang District, has been officially integrated into the main urban area to "enjoy a 30-minute living circle", while the Hangzhou Metro has officially come out of Hangzhou to form a metro network covering Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Jiaxing in the Hangzhou metropolitan area (the fourth-largest sub-provincial city in China).

In this Metro transit more than 710.000 passengers each day.

Hangzhou Metro Line 8 is 17.1km long, with 9 stations, all located in the Qiantang area, starting at Wenhai South Road Station of Metro Line 1 and ending at Xinwan Road Station, connecting Xiasha City with Dajiangdong New City. Line 8 takes "Intelligent Chain Future" as the conceptual theme and "Science and Technology Culture" as the cultural positioning. It also uses technological design techniques to create a special science and technology exhibition hall, comprehensively displaying the development of Dajiangdong's science and technology, and the development of Qianjiang Smart New City (

As a leading international manufacturer of professional vehicle and pedestrian access solutions, Magnetic provided kitsets of AFC gates for Hangzhou Metro Line 8, which is another service for Hangzhou people after Hangzhou Metro Line 2, Line 6 and Hang Fu Line.

In the future, Magnetic will continue to help the development of the rail transportation industry and protect your travel safety!


> Client: Hangzhou Metro

> Installed products: 185 sets of KPR(Kitset for retractable gates)

> Installation date: Early 2021