Baghdad Airport was built in 1982 and is Iraq’s largest international airport. The original plans for the car park included a parking system that was adequate for the needs of the time. Over time, the traffic increased and the drivers’ expectations evolved hand in hand with the advancements in parking technology.

The vehicles driving to the 3000 parking spaces located on three levels started facing difficulties in driving through two entry lanes and the system was facing heavy traffic at the exit gate during the rush hours.

The management identified the expansion of the exit gates and the automatization of some processes, reporting included, as the gateway to a better user experience.


  • Backwards compatibility with the existing FAAC peripherals
  • 9 exit gates with low manpower to decrease the overall operations cost
  • Robust hardware for high traffic environment
  • Fast parking validation
  • Quick barrier response to reduce in-lane queues
  • Multiple charging profiles, according to the user group
  • Flexible management system with possibility to set up multiple report types
  • Arabic language for input and GUI

FAAC Middle East team designed a car park upgrade that would be compatible with the existing parking equipment and its management system, by adding 12 stations to the parking facilities and Magnetic barriers.

  • Installed products: 10 Hub Parking Pro barriers + HUB Parking car park system
  • Location: Baghdad International Airport