7,000 kilometres for a good cause

The Dresden-Dakar-Banjul Challenge begins on 7 March. Two of the teams making their way to Gambia’s capital include employees from our Headquarters in the southern Black Forest. The cars will be auctioned at the end of the 7,000 kilometre journey, and the money raised will support several aid projects organised by a German-Gambian charity.

According to an African saying, those who never travel will not see anything new. This could just as easily have been said by our employees Heiko Lais, Michael Störk and Thomas Reichert. Because next Friday these three will start an adventure that will last for several weeks and take them through France, Spain, and along the West African coast through Morocco, Mauretania and Senegal to Gambia.

The similarity to the famous Dakar Rally is no accident. For the organisers – Dresden inhabitants who have been travelling to Africa for many years – the experience is the important thing. Vehicle requirements have deliberately been kept low and the route can be mastered by any good driver. They promise the more than 20 teams unique impressions during their journey through many cities, landscapes and cultures – the several days in the Sahara alone is a dream.

Another difference from the professional event is that when the cars in the Dresden-Dakar-Banjul Challenge reach their destination they will be auctioned for a good cause. The rally last November raised 6.4 million Gambian dalasi (almost 113,000 euros) in this way. The money is for a Gambian aid organisation and, among other aid projects, will support schools and hospitals in need. Managing Director Arno Steiner is proud of his employees: “[This is] an enormous commitment that I very much respect. We will, of course, support our colleagues and the charitable nature of this campaign. And I hope that they all return home safely.”

Ready to go: Financial Manager Roberto Rossato (far right) wishes the 3 Magnetic employees Heiko Lais, Thomas Reichert and Michael Störk (from left to right) a safe journey through dust and heat.