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Our mission

We remain the benchmark in innovation, quality and reliability – designing outstanding solutions that add value to our customers' business.

We do not produce only barriers and pedestrian gates. We develop technologies that set standards regarding function, efficiency and reliability, shaping a growing market with trailblazing product innovations. We take our customers the decisive step farther – which is why our motto is ‘Access to Progress’. In order to achieve this, we continuously develop our competences in the following core areas:

Unique innovative power

We break new ground: we drive the sector's development forward with more than 20 patents, registered patterns, industrial patterns and design patterns – for example with the highly efficient low-maintenance MHTM™ drive unit and with the FlowMotion® housing material mDure.

Extremely efficient drive and control technology

All our products are based on the same technology: the combination of the MHTM™ drive system and MGC control unit is at the core of our barriers, pedestrian gates and turnstiles. This considerably reduces system variation for our service partners, and our customers can always rely on perfected technology that has been tested hundreds of thousands of times.

Product development

Our development is customized: our research department develops the hardware and software for new products and for precise customer-specific solutions – from integration in higher-ranking building management systems and security architectures to the completely new development of drive and control units. Our objective is always the best product for customers, technicians and users.

Detailed sector knowledge

We know what we are doing: with our sector specialists and many years of collaboration with our customers we know exactly what individual sectors require from their access control systems – at airports and in public transport, at toll stations and car parks, and in public buildings and at companies.

Award-winning design

We value color and styling: ultimately, our vehicle barriers and pedestrian gates are central functional elements with which visitors and employees interact every day. Our success in this is also confirmed by independent observers.

Complete documentation

We leave no question unanswered: our products are not only accompanied by informative brochures and data sheets, but also by all the documentation required to simplify your planning with our barriers and pedestrian gates: tender documents, STEP files, as well as conformity and performance declarations.

Consistent further education and training

We believe that our products are only as good as the people that you deal with as consultants, technicians or sales partners. So we place great value on our contacts always being up-to-date regarding technology, standards and directives. Regular training at our Magnetic Academy is therefore mandatory.

Conformity with legal requirements worldwide

We value the safety of users: so our vehicle barriers and pedestrian gates meet legal regulations and technical guidelines worldwide. These include the CE logo, the EU Machinery Directive and Construction Products Regulation, as well as the UL logo that is particularly important for the US market.