MRG Rail

Pedestrian Rail Swing Gate

  • Vandal Resistant
  • Robust Construction
  • Australian RHS Steel
  • Australian made and designed
  • Type Approved in various States

The MRG Pedestrian Rail Swing Gate has been a market leader for more than 20 years. It is designed for the control of pedestrian traffic through level and foot crossings, where safety and high usage is of importance.  Gate linkages, drive housings and posts are of robust construction to resist intentional damage by vandals. The gate hinges are designed for low maintenance with greased bushes and stainless steel pins. It is constructed from fully welded Australian made RHS steel in the gate frame and support posts, with 35mm x 35mm RHS uprights. All fabricated steel is hot dipped galvanized for total protection and maximum life span. The MRG Pedestrian Rail Gate design is Type Approved within various Australian states.

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Drive System

The drive system is a GTA210-50 mounted on a detachable mounting plate for fast exchange if required.

Safety Devices

When a train approaches the crossing, an audible alarm is located in the drive mechanism sounds, followed by the closing of the gate, to prevent access across the tracks, while exposing the emergency exit. After the passage of the train, the alarm stops and the gate opens under power, once again exposing the walkway permitting access across the tracks and at the same time closing off the emergency exit.


The Magnetic torque drive has a protective indexing clutch and shock absorbing springs built in to prevent internal damage in case the gate is forced against its motion during its operation. The torque motor can be stalled in any position without overheating or suffering any damage. Torque motors always produce a certain degree of heat so that there is no risk of freezing or condensation - even in cold climatic conditions.