MPT Plug&Play

Pre-assembled turnstile

Turnstile MPT Plug&Play
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to the pre-assembled delivery direct from the factory
  • The customer can place a walkway surface on top of the lifting slots
  • Adjustable lifting slots to fit the forklift truck and conditions at the deployment site
  • Reliable security for external areas and open-air grounds with a high number of visitors
  • Mechanical, electro-mechanical and motorised variants

Quickly install your perimeter protection!
The pre-assembled MPT turnstile enables you to speed up your customers’ processes – and at the same time save valuable time and personnel when installing the perimeter protection. The turnstile is delivered to you in a fully prepared state ready for installation at the deployment site. All of the components have already been assembled on the base frame. You only need to connect the frame to the substructure, connect up the electrics and access control system and finish the flooring. Your turnstile is then ready to use! Moreover, you can also offer this turnstile variant as a mobile access control solution. In combination with a suitable walkway surface, you can use it to secure building sites or temporary event locations for your customers or to enhance existing security measures.
The fully assembled MPT can be transported in the warehouse or at the deployment site using a forklift truck. As with Euro Pallets, the driver simply inserts the fork arms into the premounted lifting slots to lift up the turnstile.
The pre-assembled MPT can be equipped with all options and accessories. These items are installed on site.

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Quick commissioning process

The MPT is delivered in a fully assembled state on a base frame and only needs to be connected up and fixed in place at the deployment site. This saves you valuable time and personnel.

Mobile use

In combination with a suitable walkway surface, you can also use this turnstile as a mobile unit for the installation of temporary access controls – ideal for building sites, outdoor events and short-term security measures.

An entrance and exit

You can use the turnstile as both an entrance and exit simultaneously with the motorised and electro-mechanical variants. The mechanical variant is ideal for unsupervised exits.

For individual people

MPT turnstiles are the ideal solution for securing external areas with a high number of visitors. Numerous options are available for your access control solutions.