Australian mode Turnstile

  • Australian Made RHS Galvanised - hot dipped - standard
  • Powder coated - optional
  • Height - 2340 millimeters
  • Passage frequency - 20 people per minute
  • Rotate 3 x 120 degree
  • Easily integrated solar powered alternative
  • Fully risk assessed

The MPT provides high security protection that is vandal and attack resistant. The turnstiles are designed to control pedestrian traffic in perimeter locations outside of or away from principal buildings and can be used for bi-directional access control applications. The MPT allows for a high security passage frequency of 15 to 20 people per minute and 100% duty cycle. Mine ready options - 24volt configuration & IP65 rating - are also available.

For individual persons

Design und Qualität Bild

MPT turnstiles are the ideal solution when it is necessary to secure outdoor areas with high rates of pedestrian traffic. Numerous options are available for access control.

Innovative drive technology

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The MHTM™ drive unit (optional) is maintenance-free, energy-efficient, and has an exceptional soft-start action.

Maximum safety

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Low impact forces and sensitive contact detection offer optimum protection for users.