Half height turnstile

mTwing Header
  • With barrier and railing elements for an unrestricted view into the building
  • Compact accommodation of drive and control systems in the centre column
  • Low impact forces for maximum personal safety
  • Freely turning on power outages
  • Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles

For an unrestricted view into the building
Entrance areas play a key role in the architecture of companies, cultural institutions and public authorities. As the first point of contact, they have a significant influence on visitors' perceptions and turn buildings into worlds of work, experience and brands.

In these demanding environments, access control systems can become part of the design, as is the case with mWing and mTripod. With mTwing, we offer you the additional option of having the pedestrian barriers fade into the background visually in applications with low to medium visitor frequency and provide a view of the architecture through the barrier elements made of glass. At the same time, mTwing has all the advantages of the FlowMotion® model series: versatile customisation options, intuitive controls and future-oriented connections to the building technology.

Product pictures

Transparent design

Design und Qualität Bild

With its barrier elements made of safety glass and the narrow stainless steel tubes, mTwing deliberately keeps a low profile visually - so that the architecture of the surroundings can speak for itself.

Comprehensive functions

Discreet lighting, locking against unauthorised access, a wide range of setting options - mTwing comes with numerous unique functions. Features such as error logging and a random number generator are already part of the basic functionality.

Secure locking

An electromagnetic tooth clutch prevents the locking bar from being moved against the direction of rotation or beyond the rotation specified by the drive unit.