Card reader column

mSwing + mPost
  • Ideally complements the product range of FlowMotion®
  • Compact accommodation of reader devices possible

For convenient control of mSwing and mTwing
For the mSwing swing door and the mTwing half-height swing door, it is not possible to attach a reader to the housing for reasons of design. Therefore, for applications that require users to enable access, the mPost card reader pillar is available. It offers space for all common readers and can be installed freely before and after controlled access.

To enable mPost to adapt as closely as possible to the access situation in terms of design, the card reader pillar is available in two design variants. The standard version corresponds to the award-winning design of the FlowMotion® model series in terms of material, colour and shape. The smaller stainless steel version, on the other hand, is based on the mGuide guide elements.

Product pictures