Traffic H1

Horizontal barrier

Acess Pro Schranke
  • High functionality for numerous special applications
  • Patented folding boom for safety at indoor crossings with differing lane widths
  • Low power consumption for economical operation
  • Optimum accessibility for particularly simple maintenance

For demanding security tasks
As horizontal barriers, the Traffic H1 is a specialist in vehicle and pedestrian management. It is not only used for blocking access to tunnels and lanes. It exploits its full potential when controlling junctions where traffic alternates in longitudinal and transverse directions. It is therefore not only the optimal solution for road traffic, but also for protecting material flows in production plants. With its patented folding boom, the Traffic H1 can therefore even block crossings where the ratio of lane widths in the longitudinal and transverse directions is greater than 2:1. At the heart of the Traffic H1 is the innovative MHTM™ drive, characterised by its energy efficiency, lack of maintenance, and long service life.

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Horizontal turning movements

Design und Qualität Bild

As horizontal barriers, Traffic H1 can also be used in areas with limited heights. Swivel mode also allows alternate blocking of crossings in longitudinal and transverse directions.

Innovative drive technology

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The MHTM™ drive unit operates without maintenance, energy-efficiently and quietly. Its high torque ensures best possible operation even under extreme weather conditions.

Legal security

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Horizontal barriers from Magnetic have a conformity declaration in line with the Machinery Directive. So operators and installers are always on the safe side regarding liability issues.

Technical data H1LE with standard boom H1LE with folding boom H1SE
Barrier width Max. 6.0 m Max. 4.5 m Max. 3.5 m
Opening/closing time 4.0 s 4.0 s 2.0 s
Power consumption Max. 45 W Max. 45 W Max. 90 W
Drive technology MHTM™ MHTM™ MHTM™
Voltage 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Duty cycle 100% 100% 100%
Housing dimensions (W x D x H) 315 x 360 x 940 mm 315 x 360 x 940 mm
Enclosure rating IP 54 IP 54 IP 54
Temperature range -30 to +55 °C -30 to +55 °C -30 to +55 °C
Weight (without boom) 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg
Features H1LE with standard boom H1LE with folding boom H1SE
Standard colours RAL 2000 RAL 2000 RAL 2000
Barrier boom MicroBoom-H1 MicroBoom-F1 MicroBoom-H1
Control system MGC Pro MGC Pro MGC Pro
Integrated 2-channel detector for induction loops Standard Standard Standard
Modular expansion of control system Freely expandable Freely expandable Freely expandable
Variable I/O assignment Standard Standard Standard
Number of digital inputs 8 8 8
Number of relay/digital outputs 6/4 6/4 6/4
Input for safety photoelectric switch with test Standard Standard Standard
Selectable closing speed Standard Standard Standard
Selectable opening speed Standard Standard Standard
Options H1LE with folding boom H1SE
Special colours x x
Boom skirt x  
Folding boom x  
Hood lights x x
Key-operated switch x x
Radio module x x
Ethernet module x x
RS485 module x x
CAN module (counting) x x
Electronic end-position locking x x
Folding boom x