Vertical Laser Scanner

for vehicle barriers

  • Reliable protection against collisions involving barriers and special vehicles
  • Large monitoring field for wide entrances to works grounds and freight forwarders
  • Approved for use on barrier systems with low impact forces where pedestrian traffic can be expected
  • Easily adjustable monitoring field area

For commercial vehicles and additional personal protection
The MLSVER01 vertical laser scanner ensures safe passage for commercial vehicles. Induction loops have difficulty detecting the position of many of these vehicles. As a result, the barriers close when processing trucks and agricultural machines with high projections, although the vehicle is below the boom. In the case of truck trailers, the towing bar is often not detected and the barrier boom is lowered between the towing vehicle and the trailer, causing damage as the trailer continues moving.
The laser scanner generates a vertical detection field next to the barrier boom and prevents the closure of the boom when an object is located within the detection field. All vehicle types are therefore reliably detected and damage to the bodywork, boom or barrier housing is unfailingly prevented. In addition, the vertical laser scanner is also approved for the protection of persons in the case of slowly closing barriers with a closing force limit of maximum 400 N. With a field size of maximum 9.9 x 9.9 m, the laser scanner is also suitable for high vehicles and wide passages. Environmental effects can be effectively cut out because the scanner emits four adjacent beams.

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For special vehicles

The MLSVER01 laser scanner reliably detects vehicles with a high chassis, wide projections or coupled trailers, preventing collisions with the barrier boom. The operational readiness of the barriers is thus considerably increased.

Simple commissioning

The Vertical Laser Scanner can be mounted on a wall or post next to the barrier housing. It enables simple and rapid commissioning for applications in which induction loops do not function reliably.

Customised accessories

Original accessories from Magnetic allow you to expand the functional scope of your vehicle barriers – regarding vehicle and pedestrian safety, as well as connectivity and operation.

Options Description Illustration
MLGVER_0000 Installation housing for mounting on wall or separate post.
The Vertical Laser Scanner can be mounted on the left
or right in the housing, depending on which side of the barrier boom it is to be used.
MLPF01 Separate post for installing the laser scanner next to the barrier boom Base plate 210 x 210 mm, height 2000 mm, diameter 60 mm
MLVE24 Power supply unit for laser scanner  
Technical data MLSVER01
Detection area Max. 9.9 x 9.9 m
Power supply 10–35 V DC/max. 5 W
Laser classes IR laser: Class 1, wavelength 905 nm,
max. pulse power 75 W
Red-light laser: Class 3R, wavelength
650 nm, max. transmission power 3 mW
Material Polycarbonate (PC), acrylonitrile (ASA)
Enclosure rating IP 65
Temperature range −30 °C bis +60 °C
Air humidity 0 to 95 %, non-condensing