Access Pro

Access barrier

Acess Pro Schranke
  • Barrier width of up to 3.5 m
  • Opening and closing times of minimum 1.3 s
  • Modular expandable control system
  • Limited approval for use with movement of persons

For economical access control
With its barrier width of up to 3.5 m and its comprehensive range of functions, the Access Pro is the perfect solution for controlling access to car parks, company grounds, residential buildings and similar areas. Unlike the basis version, the control system of the Access Pro offers a wide range of functions and supplementary expansion potentials through the use of plug-in modules. There are five slots for, e.g. an Ethernet interface, a radio module or a counting module for determining the number of parking spaces still available. All inputs and outputs can be individually configured by the user. Users can also choose from numerous input and output functions. The opening and closing times can each be selected from three levels independently of one another.

Product pictures

Barrier width of up to 3.5 m

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The Access Pro is suitable for controlling entrances and lanes with a maximum lane width of 3.5 m.

Adjustable opening and closing times

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The opening and closing times can each be adjusted to 1.3, 1.8, or 2.5 seconds independently of one another.

Approved for use with movement of persons

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At a reduced closing speed of 2.5 seconds, when the legally required safety equipment has been installed, the Access Pro is also approved for use wherever the movement of persons cannot be ruled out for structural reasons.