XL2 Access Barrier: for a safe and flexible vehicle access!

The municipality of Aalten in the Netherlands was looking for an effective and secure solution to regulate access to the large entrance of their municipal depot. Our local subsidiary, FAAC BV, was contacted by the municipality to identify a product that would meet this specific need, and it was no easy challenge!

A sliding gate might have closed the passage, but it would not have provided the flexibility and speed of opening and closing offered by a barrier. The main requirement was for municipal vehicles to be able to enter and exit the site easily and quickly...luckily we have the ideal product to meet this need: the XL2 Access barrier. This barrier is specifically designed for wide lanes up to 8.5 metres and is the ideal solution for wide entrances. Moreover, thanks to the innovative MHTM™ drive technology, it guarantees a minimum opening and closing time of 6.0 sec.

Thanks to the installation of this barrier, the municipality of Aalten can now count on an excellent solution to safely and flexibly regulate vehicular access to their depot. Safety and ease of transit in and out is guaranteed. We are honoured to have met the customer's specific requirements, contributing to the site's transit efficiency.

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